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This boa~type scarf is crocheted in the round creating a great spiraling ruffle. With some practice it works up in under an hour. It makes a fun gift and is great for craft sales!

Yarn: use any net yarn ~ one full skein

Hook: 4.00mm (or whatever size is comfortable for you, as it does not affect gauge)

Gauge: there is none, net yarn creates its own gauge

Notions: sewing needle and thread to finish ends

Free-Crochet-Patttern-Net-Yarn-Spiral-Crochet-Scarf by

For those of you who like video patterns, here you are:

For those of you who prefer written patterns:

To start off, take a look at the yarn. The top section of yarn is net. The size of the net may vary from brand to brand, but it is still net. There is a small, sometimes decorative, boarder along the bottom of the yarn. For this pattern, we will be working in just the very top holes of the net. You will be working with every other top loop throughout pattern.


First, tie and overhand knot at the beginning of the yarn. Insert your hook into the top loop closest to the knot.

*Skip one loop, pick up next loop, and pull through, creating a chain, rep from *5 more times.


Not counting the loop on your hook, there will be 6 chains. Fold work away from you, creating a circle, and insert hook into the back of the first ch, skip a loop and pick up the next loop, pull through all loops on hook (sl st made). *Sl st into back of next st, remembering to skip a loop each time. Rep from * until only a few inches remain. Every once and a while, check to be sure there are still 6 stitches in your circle (not counting the one on your hook.) Pull last few inches of yarn through last loop on hook. Tie a knot.


Clip each end to about an inch after the knot. Use needle and thread to sew down the last stitch of the scarf so that it does not unravel.

Give, sell, or wear and enjoy!


To find a printer friendly version of this pattern (text only, in black, no photos) click here. This will bring you to the listing for this pattern on Craftsy, where you can also find printer friendly versions of all my free patterns, and where you can purchase my sale patterns.


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