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First Day, First Grade

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Here we are, the first day of first grade. I feel like we just left school, and now we are back again. I got a few snaps in, but not many. I am going to share them here along with a selection of my Facebook status updates about the girls from the past few years. They start with the most recent and go down, I have labeled each age change.

6 years old:

9/3/13 Kyla ~ “Sometimes I make a wish on a shooting star, but’s it’s an airplane, so the wish doesn’t come true.”

8/15/13 Vada ~ “Mommy, this ginger whale really makes my tummy feel better!”

8/10/13 Kyla made me *imaginary* coffee with extra caffeine. I love that kid.

8/5/13 Kyla ~ “I’m going to be strong like Rapunzel and I’m going to be a Ninja Warrior!” (have you seen Rapunzel swing that cast iron pan?)

7/29/13 Vada is trying to make friends with a little spider. “Hi little guy. I nice to you. You are so cute.” She is sad that he would not let her hold him, and ran away when she tried.

7/28/13 Kyla “what’s your book about?”
Grammy “a park ranger”
Kyla “is that like a power ranger?”


5 years old:

6/20/13 We were practicing our “sh” sound. Now the girls are running around screaming “Du nu, Du nu, AHHHH, there’s a shark at the shore!!!” Every. Time.

6/2/13 “Daddy, do you want Kyla time? Because I want Daddy time.”

4/29/13 Awesome snack with the girls ~ banana scallops (cut banana into 1″ rounds, coat each side with natural sugar, cook in hot pan on both sides until caramelized, remember melted sugar is HOT), and hot cocoa. Best snack time quote ~ “I made a hot burp”

4/12/13 Me: *burp* “excuse me.”
Kyla: “Daddy! You burped!”
Me: *giggle*

2/20/13 I often wonder if the neighbors hear the girls and I screaming at each other at bedtime. If they do, can they tell that we are screaming “I love you, bye!” or are they debating calling DYFS?

1/23/13 Kyla “my nose doesn’t like the cold, and my mouth doesn’t like the cold, and my eyes don’t like the cold. None of me likes the cold. My bones don’t like the cold!!”
Me “Your bones are cold?”
Kyla “My bones are shibbering!”

1/17/13 Me “where’s Daddy?”
Kyla “Maybe he runned away to the circus?”

1/17/13 Vada “I know everything about bad words”
Doug “Really?”
Vada “Yah, but I never say them”

1/4/13 Me “Kyla, please put your snack bowl in the kitchen”
Kyla “OK, but first I going to…”
Me *glare*
Kyla “or not.” *picks up snack bowl*

1/1/13 Vada is swimming across the floor “I learned how to swim. I can swim out water, but I can’t swim in water.”


12/26/12 Vada “Daddy played Kapla with us”
Me “Qapla’?”
Vada “Yes”
Me “I think you mean Kaplunck, Qupla’ is Klingon for success”
Vada “Oh”
Doug “Mommy’s Geek is showing”

12/7/12 Yesterday’s great quote from Kyla: “Mommy, see the girl in the flower dress? She is my friend, I call her Nice Pretty Girl.”
Me: “well that is a wonderful thing to call someone, but do you know her name?”
Kyla: “Yes, Nice Pretty Girl!”

11/11/12 The kids (all 3 of them) are in Doug’s “play room” playing with Star Wars Lego toys. Just heard:
D *makes explosion noise*
K “what happened to my ship?”
D “I don’t know”
K “Maybe you accidentally shot it?”
D “I don’t know”

9/9/12 K ~ “Mommy, you wanna run away and join the circus with me?”

9/6/12 Vada just screamed “Squishy hug!!” and jumped on Kyla on the couch. They are both giggling hysterically.

8/31/12 Doug, Kyla, Vada, and Monster Hand are playing Uno Moo (Monster Hand is a pink 3 eyed monster hand puppet that Kyla is quite fond of)


4 years old:

6/27/12 Kyla ~ “my brains full of music”
Me ~ “Wow, that’s cool”
“What your brains full of”
“What happened to your brains”
“You did”
“Vada and I smushed your brains”

5/15/12 Vada *holding up animal cracker*, “Mommy, what animal this?”
“But it not have any banana.”

4/21/12 Kyla just called Vada’s doll a “silly imp”

4/20/12 Vada “Daddy, we play a game?”
Daddy “We don’t have time for a game.”
Vada “A quickily game?”
Daddy “We don’t have time for a quickily game.”
Vada “A more quickily game?”
That child never gives up.

4/15/12 Kyla has a pink pirate patch on one eye, and a spyglass on the other. Oh dear.

4/13/12 Kyla ~ “Mommy, I love you. I love you hundreds. I love you hundreds and more!!!”
OK, happy now.

4/12/12 Vada named the stuffed bunny she got for Easter “Splat,” because, “she a bunny and she jump up…” *throws into air* “…and land, SPLAT!”
I love the way that kid thinks.

4/9/12 Vada, “Kyla, no lick me! Love ‘posta be clean!”

4/2/12 Vada just got up from her nap, to go potty, and I hear her in the bathroom signing “do, do, do do do, mana, mana, do do, dodo, mana mana

3/21/12 V~”I strong like Wonder Woman!”

3/20/12 K, “…twelve, thirteen, sixteen, eleventeen.” I love eleventeen.

3/14/12 Vada has decided that Draggy, the stuffed dragon, is a herbivore, just like Ned the Braciosaurus…um, how come brontosaurus is in the spell check and not braciosaurus?

3/12/12 The girls and I are arguing over who is the biggest “goof~ball pretty~face”. Much giggling abounds.

3/4/12 K~ “Mommy, I made a friend named Abby today. You make Abby a rainbow coat? But you have to make it really quickly. You make it now! Please?” oh dear.

3/2/12 Kyla just drew a “banana sticking in a rock” A.K.A. the Banana in the Stone.

2/28/12 “This sticker not have sticker power anymore” ~ Vada

2/21/12 Doug ~ “you are very, very smart, and very, very good, and very, very sweet, do you know that?” Vada, “I really, really cute, too!”


12/19/11 Kyla “meet you, guess my name” Vada ” My friends call me Lewis!” Oh dear, maybe a bit too much of the classic rock station in the car.

11/23/11 Kyla, “Vada’s my best sister ever!”

11/14/11 Vada, *smushing herself against bookshelf door and looking at pjs to see if they change color* “Hey, I not be camouflage, Mommy.”

10/5/11 Vada “Mommy, Kyla has my brains!”
Me “Kyla, give Vada back her brains!”
Kyla “ok.”
Gotta love ’em.

7/23/11 The girls just asked if we wanted to see them be an “x”. Vada laid down on her back, and Kyla plopped across her, making and “x”. It was adorable and impressive.

7/20/13 Doug’s making the girls lunch “POOF!!! You’re lunch!!” *giggles*

7/15/11 The girls are very mad at me because they are so hungry they could eat a horse, and I made chicken. They really want to eat a horse. Seriously, there are tears. They are just a bit warped if you ask me.


3 years old:

6/3/11 Kyla, “Mom, Vada hit me in the elbow!”
Me, “Vada, did you hit your sister in the elbow?”
Vada, “Yea.”
Me, “Why?”
Vada, “I play games and sing songs and hit Kyla in the pretty elbow.”
She’s really not grasping the meaning of the word “why”, or “pretty” for that matter.

6/1/11 When food is involved, the girls can count to 12; otherwise, “1, 2, 3, many.”

5/28/11 The girls have my yard stick and are measuring everything. Kyla’s foot is “Elebinteen,” Vada’s hand is “Sebenteen,” and Mommy’s bed is “Sixty~fee”.

5/20/11 Thanks to Sid the Science Kid, Kyla attempts to sing the ABC song when she washes her hands. It’s too cute! “ABCBLMNOP, sing with me.”

5/4/11 There is no argument with my girls that can not be solved with the “I love you” game ~ screaming “I LOVE YOU” at each other until everyone is giggling uncontrollably.

3/21/11 Vada’s cracker just cried “help me!” Then Vada smiled and ate it.

3/2/11 Me “What do you girls want for dinner?”
Kyla “Want chocolate cake!”
Vada “I wanna make it!!”
Me “OK”
Um ~ Is that a Mommy win or a mommy fail?

2/19/11 Me, after Vada explained to me the right way to do something “Whatever floats your boat.”
Vada, “No float boat, NEVER!!”
Kyla, “My boat float away, my boat broken.”

2/16/11 Kyla ~
*jumps* “ugh”
*jumps* “ugh”
*pouts* “I wanna fly but I have no wings”

2/12/11 The girls have lighted, blow up light sabers, and Doug has the light saber app on his Droid, and they are in the bedroom with the lights off battling to the death. (and he is teaching Kyla to say “help me Daddy, you’re my only hope”)

1/6/11 Vada’s cereal is saying “No eat meee!” on it’s way in, and Kyla’s is dancing on the bowl then having a discussion with Kyla about weather or not she will eat it before saying “goodbye” and being eaten. Sometimes I worry about them…


12/31/10 The girls are in the back seat singing “TinkerBell, TinkerBell, TinkerBell rock.”

12/30/10 If I hold Kyla by the ankles and swing her into Vada’s bottom as Vada runs in circles around their bedroom is it child abuse if everyone is giggling hysterically? I hope not…

12/29/10 Vada, “Mom, what’s peace?” Me, “Peace is what I have when you and your sister are sleeping.”

12/17/10 Vada ~ “Mommy, I Wonder Woman!” Kyla ~ “I Wonder Woman too!!” Now they are running around their room singing “Wonder Woman.”

12/16/10 Kyla *screaming* “My puppy GONE!!!!” Vada *pouting* “I no puppy anymore, I big girl!” I guess Vada got tired of the pet game.

12/14/10 Kyla just made her candy penguin say “Don’t eat meeeeeeeee!” as she moved it to her mouth and bit it’s head off. Yup, that’s my kid all right.

12/3/10 Kyla ~ “I a ballerina monster girl!” Doug ~ “What does a ballerina monster girl do?” Kyla ~ “Jump on the bed!!”

11/9/10 Kyla walked up to me, smiled really big, burped really loud, and said, “I love you!”

11/2/10 Kyla and Vada have an invisible monster. It tends to hang out by the front door (inside), and the girls occasionally say “monster needs hug” and then go over to it and hug the monster ~ sometimes it even gets a kiss.


2 years old:

6/16/10 Kyla, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” Doug, “Why are you calling her; I’m the nice one.” Kyla, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” Me “Why are you calling me; Daddy’s the nice one.”

6/25/10 Kyla just informed me that a crab bit her toe in her bedroom, but it’s all gone now.

5/31/10 Doug “where did you put my hat?” Jessie “I didn’t touch your hat” Vada *pops up, runs into bedroom, runs back, hands Daddy hat, continues coloring* Jessie “I told you I didn’t touch your hat”


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