Amalthea ~ crochet set pattern by Jessie At Home Amalthea Hat & Shawl
Crochet Pattern
Designed by Jessie Rayot
Intermediate Skill Level

The Amalthea Hat and Shawl set can be made from one skein each of Frabjous Fibers/Wonderland Yarns Unicorn and Cheshire Cat yarns. The shawl is striped with alternating sections of lace and solid and is made from the corner out, creating an asymmetrical and intriguing look. The hat is a bit slouchy, and is made with a solid base of Cheshire Cat and a small overlay of Unicorn to tie in the lace pattern from the shawl. The name for this set was inspired by the name of a unicorn in one of my favorite movies from childhood. You are sure to stop the show when you wear this set out!! The Amalthea Shawl pattern can be found free here, but the hat pattern is only available from this PDF.

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