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Hello, did you think I had stopped writing anything but Stitchopedia entries? I know, I have been on a Stitchopedia kick, but there is so much yarn~ie goodness I want to share with you!!


I will post the Wednesday Round Up later this evening, I just wanted to pop in and share some snaps with you. I am actually pre~writing this during my lunch break at the Elementary School where I am helping out with the book fair. I love the second book fair of the year!! The kids get a discount because it is our second book fair of the year, plus the PTO gives the percent they usually get (the PTO profit) back to the kids, giving them a total of 30% off. In addition to that, the PTO gives up to $5.00 for a summer reading book to each kid! It is so much fun to see a kid walk up with a stack of books and only have to pay a few dollars. Or even better, the kids who come with no money still get to “buy” a book. They get so happy. It is beyond adorable! I will be here today and tomorrow and they are 2 of my favorite days of the year.

I want to share a few catch up photos with you.


A few weeks ago we finally got around to planting the various seedlings that the girls had brought from school and Girl Scouts.


I should say Doug and the girls got around to it. I have a brown thumb, so Doug is really the plant person around here.


The girls are wearing the helmets because it started to sprinkle a bit, so they decided that bike helmets would make great rain hats. They are awfully silly!


Kyla has been saving her Tooth Fairy/Easter/Valentine/whatever money, and finally decided what to spend it on. She and Doug looked online and found the Lalaloopsy Doll that she wanted. She paid for it, shipping and all, with her own money. She is so happy with it!


I don’t remember when this was, but Vada was very proud of her little train creation.


The girls love to help me bake. Of course, their favorite part is licking the spatula/beaters/bowl!

That’s it for cute kiddo snaps for now. I do, however, have one more kidless snap for you.


This is all the fabric I have lined up to make new garb for the girls for Pennsic. This pile of fabric will (soon, I hope) become a pile of little Medieval dresses.

(“what is Pennsic?” you ask. Well…”Pennsic War, a two week mock “war” in which 10,000 – 15,000 knights, maidens, and other creatively anachronistic people descend on Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, briefly turning a local campsite into the third largest city in Butler County.” click here for more)

That’s all for now! Talk to you later, my friends.


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  1. Florrie
    June 4, 2016 at 10:26 am (1 year ago)

    I love Pennsic!


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