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Well hello my blogland friends. It’s been far too long since I’ve shared about my awesome family with you. So here are some photos and stories of the past month.

Family time activity

A few weeks ago Vada asked if we could make this puzzle. It barely fit on the table and it took a full week, but we did it! It was truly a family effort and lots of fun!

Kyla playing at Liberty Science Center

Over the girls’ Spring Break I took them to Liberty Science Center. We all had a great time learning and playing.

Vada building at Liberty Science Center

Vada built a fort with some new friends. Just seconds after this picture a toddler knocked it down. I was very impressed that the “big” kids just watched it fall then started rebuilding. They must all have siblings.

Kyla Walks the I-beam

The girls got to walk on I-beams above the skyscraper exhibit. Here is Kyla being oh-so-brave.

Vada walks the I-beam

And here is fearless Vada just scooting along!

Kyla the bunny

The day before Easter the neighbors invited us over for an Easter party. Kyla was quite fond of the party favors. Here she is showing them off.

The Easter Bunny went a little crazy

As you can see, the Easter Bunny and friends went a little overboard this year!

I promise to work on taking more family photos so I can share with you once or twice a month. I enjoy letting you peak into our lives. 🙂

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