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Wow, things have been busy around here. I have some exciting news I should be able to share with you next month(ish). Between that and Christmas, I got a sort of neglected my blogland friends this week.

I still love you!!

I have lots o’ pretty pictures to share with you, so how about I just post them all with a bit about them and leave it at that. It is Christmas Eve and all…

If you hover over the pictures, a short description will pop up, as always! You can also click on the pictures to see them larger.

The Holiday Gift Shop at the girls’ school was at the beginning of the month. It went quite well. Vada had fun playing in my booth while waiting for things to wrap up at the end of the day.





A couple of weeks ago we bought our Christmas tree. We got all bundled up and went off to the nursery around the corner.




I found this in with Kyla’s school work one day. I thought it was so sweet to see this note her teacher left for her.


The girls both made Christmas lists last week. Vada wants a Hess truck, and an ornament, but not a breakable one.


Kyla wants a Sophia Doll, a Mommy Toy, a Rudolph Toy, and a Firestar Toy. A Mommy toy is a doll that looks like Mommy, so when I am not home and she misses me, she can hug it. I hope she is not too upset when Santa does not bring her a Mommy toy.




Last weekend was the Yule celebration with our Medieval group. We all had a great time. I was given the Order of the Artisan, which I apparently was supposed to get over a year ago, but every time they had the award for me at an event, I was not there. Oh, and at the end of the event, I took the leftovers of Marsha’s yummy hummus, along with her bowl. That way she has to come and visit me!






We made cookies today. Santa needs cookies.



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