Puff Stitch Choker
Crochet Pattern
Easy/Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot


Practice your puff stitches and make this attractive choker all at the same time. This choker is great for an evening out, or just used to dress up a tee shirt and jeans. Try adding some beads for a more glamorous look! Make this choker with or without a border, or make it shorter for a bracelet. There is also a video for the visual learners!



Crochet thread through worsted weight, any will do. The thicker the yarn, the wider the choker.

ch ~ chain
sc ~ single crochet
sl st ~ slip stitch

puff st ~ puff stitch: [yo, insert hook into st, yo, pull through st] 4 times, all in the same st (9 loops on hook), yo, pull through all 9 loops, puff stitch made.

Use the hook that coordinates with your yarn

Any, just stop when the choker is the correct length.


Ch 3, puff st in first ch made, * (ch 2, puff st in ch-2 sp on side of previous puff st) rep from * until choker is desired length. Make sure to have an even number of puff sts so that the choker joins correctly.

If you do not make a border, ch enough to make a button loop, then join back to the choker, and fasten off.

Ch 2, turn, * 4 sc in long loop under the next puff st, rep from * across to other end, ch 4, turn, 4 sc in the long loop under the first puff st made, ** 4 sc in long loop under the next puff st, rep from ** across to other end, fasten off. Add button to this end, the ch 4 is the button loop.



To add beads:
String ALL beads onto the yarn before starting your choker. It is OK to put on too many, as you do not need to use them all, but if you do not sting on enough you will have to add more from the other end of the yarn. So be sure to string on more than you will need.

When making the choker, simply, slip one bead into place while making the 3rd set of (yo, insert hook in st, yo, pull through) on each puff st that you want beaded. Watch the video for clarity of this step.

Wear or give and enjoy!


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  1. I think this would look really nice as a scarf or belt. How could you make it wider? This may seem like a dumb question, but I am new to crocheting So, I still need a little help.

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