Here is the list I promised for Project 19 to all my Craft Hope peeps! Links to various free patterns for softies. If you have more links you think should be added, just let me know. I hope this helps inspire you all to create some love for child victims of Sandy. I have done my best to only include free patterns, in the spirit of Craft Hope, however, if you know of a paid pattern or a coupon code that others may be interested in, go ahead and share that info with each other on the Craft Hope Facebook page.

As more links come in, I will continue to edit this post. There are also several more on the right side of this blog under “Useful tutorials by people who are not me”

OK, not free, but very affordable, is the amazing Craft Hope book written by Craft Hope founder, the incomparable Jade!!

Free Knit and Crochet Patterns
You can also check out Ravelry and search for free toy patterns
For people on Ravelry, here is a a knit/crochet along for Project 19
Crochet Owlet Lovey
Crochet animals (only some are free)

Free Sewing Patterns
Mystery Critters
Gingham dolls 
Monster Dolls
Jelly Fish
Cute Dolls
Molly Monkey
Ruby Doll
Modest Mermaid

Pintrest Boards (most have a mix of various crafts for Project 19)
CH 19
Sock animals

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