Here are the very first things you will need to know to crochet. You will learn how to hold your yarn and your hook, how to make a slip knot, and how to crochet a chain stitch. There is a video, and also written instruction with photos.

Let’s start with the video:

Written instructions with photos:

To begin, it is important to know the difference between the front of your work/in front of your hook and the back of your work/in back of your hook. When you are working, you hold the hook in front of your body (obviously 🙂 ). The front of your hook is between your hook and you, the back of your hook is behind your hook. The front of your work is the part that is facing you, and the back of your work is the part that is facing away.

To make a slip knot, hold your hook in front of you with the hook part facing down. Take the end of the yarn and hold it in back of the hook. Wrap it over top of the hook, around the front, and around to the back again, so that it crosses over itself. Now leaving the cross~over, pick up the end of the yarn that is still attached to the ball of yarn, wrap it around your hook (back to front to back again), and pull that loop through the first loop you created to make a slip knot. It is really much easier to watch this in the video than to read it, so if you are confused, take a look at the video!


yo ~ yarn over (wrap the yarn over the hook)
ch ~ chain

To make a ch (chain), start with a slip knot on your hook. Wrap your yarn around your left hand to create tension (see the video.) Pinch just below the knot with the middle finger and thumb of your left hand, having the working yarn (the yarn still attached to the ball) over your pointer finger, yo (wrap the yarn over the hook), keep the slit in the hook facing down and pull the yo through the loop already on your hook, letting the old loop fall off. The yo will become your new loop and you have made a ch. This is really much easier to understand from the video and/or the pictures, so please use those tools as well.


Are you ready to try out your new skill? Try these patterns made entirely of chain stitches!

Chain-Wrap-Bracelet-Cover-Square Simple-Chain-Necklace-Cover


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  1. I would like to use your videos, directions and pictures in my classroom with my special needs students. I am putting together a proposal for my principal. I really like your site and how you have all the bases covered for different types of learners.

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