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Every Sunday night I post a link blast of knit and crochet goodies on Twitter and Facebook. Here is a copy of the March 28th link blast.

Arrowhead lace loop #FreeKnitPattern from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Which Red Heart Yarn, I can not decide? #YarnFun from @PoshPoochDesign

Spring Wreath! #FreeCochetPattern by @PatternParadise

Drawstring Beach Skirt/Poncho #FreeCrochetPattern by @AGHandmades

Leaves Backpack Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}


All those Sizes! #CrochetTips from @Mamas2hands

Feathers and Fur: Show ‘n’ Tell Sunday 3/22/15 #CrochetPattern #RoundUp from @ofGrammysHeart

Radiant Rose #FreeCrochetPattern by @danyelpink

Super Bulky Slightly Slouchy Hat #FreeCrochetPattern by @TriflsNTreasurs

Easter Egg Cozies #Crochet #RoundUp from @beckastreasures

Wendy’s Weekly Pattern Picks, V19 – Spring! #CrochetPattern #RoundUp from @hookdhaberdashr

Daisy Coaster #FreeCrochetPattern from @becraftsy {affiliate link}

#DIW2 – Mystery CAL blog hop scarf

STURDIEST EVER MARKET BAG #FreeCrochetPattern by @SCCelinaLane

Control for Those Remotes Best Basket! #FreeCrochetPattern by @ofGrammysHeart

Stippers Kit #KnitKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

 Stippers Kit #KnitKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Chunky Basket #FreeCrochetPattern by @PoshPoochDesign


FLUFFY BATH POUF #FreeCrochetPattern by @CrochetAmerican

Mary Jane Skimmer Booties #FreeCrochetPattern from @becraftsy {affiliate link}

Tone Two Infinity Scarf #Pattern #Review

PENELOPE’S FLIRTY SCARF #FreeCrochetPattern by @SCCelinaLane

Felted Floral Pincushion #FreeCrochetPattern

Easy As Pie #FreeKnitPattern from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Belmont Sun Hat #FreeCrochetPattern by @KatiDCreations

Leg Warmers For Your Dog #FreeKnitPattern by @PoshPoochDesign

Buttoned Jacket Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Buttoned Jacket Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Announcing a CAL adventure! Mystery Scarf Blog Hop CAL/Design Improv Workshop 2

Crossroads Throw #CrochetPattern by @JBHCrochet

Jewel Neck Shell Kit #KnitKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Jewel Neck Shell Kit #KnitKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

Fringe Reflect Cowl 4 Pup + size #FreeCrochetPattern

Ollie the Octopus Comes Up from the Ocean #FreeCrochetPattern by @ofGrammysHeart

Lip Balm Holding Keychain #FreeCrochetPattern from @becraftsy {affiliate link}

Fur, Feathers & Fins This Sharing it Saturday #CrochetPattern #RoundUp from @ofGrammysHeart


Champagne Cowl #FreeKnitPattern from @beCraftsy {affiliate link}

PENELOPE’S FLIRTY SHAWL #FreeCrochetPattern by @SCCelinaLane

Tutti Fruit free crochet hat #FreeCrochetPattern by @Cre8tionCrochet

Wrapped In Blue #FreeCrochetPattern


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