A Party, A Yarn Bomb, and Some Bright Colors!

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Hello my friends!

On Saturday we went to a bounce house for my niece’s fifth birthday party. It was actually just the three girls, Kyla, Vada, and my niece, Madison. They ran around the place for 2 hours, they had a blast!


As with every bounce house we have been to lately, they had these bouncy horse things.  Kyla just loves them.


At one point, the girls decided that they had to have a race. Of course, it ended up as a pile of giggling children, or so I am told, I was having coffee with my Mother~in~law at the concession area at the time. It was nice to have a bit of time with her. I really do have an awesome Mother~in~law.


They also had one of those hurricane booths. There was a lot of screaming involved.


After the bounce house, we went for pizza and cupcakes. Oh, there were presents as well.


Kyla and Madison had a grand time playing with Madison’s toys! Madison already had one of the ponies, and the other was a gift. Kyla was quite happy to have a pink pony to play with. I think if she had a real pink pony, she would explode with happiness!

On Sunday I had an InsaniTea Yarn day! OK, people, if you live near Montclair, NJ, you need to come out and play!! It’s the second and fourth Sunday of every month, and we need more crafty, yarny, fun friends!!


I arrived a bit early to this one, and felt the urge to snap some photos of the leaves and the flag while waiting for Ingrid to open up.


I finished my yarn bomb chair.


I still have 3 more of these chairs. I really love this one, so I may have to bring another over to the shop and keep going!


I had a lot of fun with the seat. I think I may have to write this pattern down for all of you, what do you think?


Fall has set in with a vengeance here in NJ. It’s COLD!!! I had to break out the happy, warm colors and play, just to keep myself warm. And happy. How can you not be happy with all those colors!!

It has been an odd week of school. Yesterday and tomorrow were/are half days because of parent/teacher conferences. Ours are tomorrow afternoon. And last week the girls were off on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Doug was off Thursday, Friday, and this Monday. As Doug was home on Monday, and the girls had school, we took advantage of the rare child~free time and went to the movies! We saw Thor.

As I picked up the girls from school this afternoon, Kyla said, “Mommy, Jake’s puppy toy has a rip, so I have it so you can fix it. I told him you would make it better.” Jake is just the sweetest little boy ever, and has been in Kyla’s class the last 2 years. He and Kyla adore each other, as they are both just so incredibly loving of everyone. How could I say no?


The girls were very happy about Jake’s fixed puppy toy.

Nighty~night. I’m going to make some cocoa, watch some Star Trek, and knit.


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Simple Rainbow Bracelet

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Simple Rainbow Bracelet free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home

I have a fun and simple pattern for you today! It is a striped bracelet with tied ends. I make many of these bracelets in a rainbow to sell at InsaniTea. They are a best seller of mine! I use Tahki Cotton Classic yarn to make these fun bracelets; though you can use another yarn of your choice with the corresponding hook size, you just may need to adjust the beginning chain number.

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