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Hello there my friends! I have lots of Halloween photos for you, and a few other bits as well.

I have been spending lots of time in the basement, working on various patterns. Lots of color planning for some of these projects. I have a free pattern for you all with my testers right now. I plan on posting it here at the beginning of December. If you are looking for some ideas for holiday gifts, take a look through my free patterns, there are a lot of quick projects there!


Last week, Vada brought this home from school. I just love her idea of what our home looks like. It makes me feel like we are doing something right!


Vada finally lost her first tooth a few weeks ago! As you can see, the new one was already growing in behind it. The other front tooth is on it’s way out as well.


So…as promised…Halloween!!

This is one of the sixth graders. She is pretty awesome!


Here we have the girls and a few of their friends. The girls decided they wanted to be their favorite princesses for Halloween this year, so Vada dressed as Cinderella, and Kyla dressed as Rapunzel. Thankfully we already had both costumes in their dress up clothes, as I was really hoping to get out of costume making this year!


Here they are again with Jasmine and Snow White.




Elaina went as an adorable butterfly.


Isn’t Ria the cutest ladybug you have ever seen. Oh my goodness that child is so adorable I just can’t take it!!!


Here is Cinderella and her hippy teacher! The teachers at our school all choose one theme for their costumes each year, and this year hippy won out.


Here we have the grooviest gym teacher ever! I think this may be the first time I ever saw him in long pants. That crazy man wears shorts year round!


The way they handle Halloween here is pretty cool. It is actually a half day of school with no costumes, then the kids go home at 12:30. They are all welcome (but it does not count as part of the school day) to come back at 2:00 in costume. There is a costume parade around the school, and then everyone goes home.


The girls loved being in the parade! Kyla was waving like a maniac.


She had to be sure to wave to all of her subjects.


The beautiful butterfly was happy to see me and my camera!


Vada loves holding her skirt, just like a princess!


Kyla and Vada love Fred the cross guard! They said he was scary, but they still love him.


On Monday Vada was extra cool with her fashion sense.


I thought they needed some warrior hair, so I had some braid~ie fun!


Tuesday was election day, so the girls had no school. After we voted, the girls and I went to the grocery store. I finally remembered batteries for their Leap Frog lap tops. They were very happy to finally be able to play with them again!


At one point, they decided to switch. Rather than trading lap tops, they got up and changed seats. It was kind of cute!


I’ll share some yarnie, crafty photos soon.


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