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Do you like the new look? I knew what I wanted for a long time, but it was not the easiest thing to achieve. Thankfully, with a LOT of help, I am nearly there.  I like it.

I really wanted it to be done by today, because I have a guest post on Stitch and Unwind ~ the blog from All Free Crochet & All Free Knitting. I will be writing a few more guest posts for them over the next few months. I’ll let you know each time so you can hop on over and give them some love! This one was about adding ruffles onto your crochet patterns.


Now, on the home front ~ there have been home improvements aplenty. I picked up this fun tin sign at AC Moore a few weeks ago, and finally gave it a home on the ledge going down to the basement. Just a reminder to anyone who comes down while I am working.


I have also been planning several more Stitchopedia entries for you. I have the samples and yarn all lined up on my table, and the camera set up. I just have to wait until the house is quite to make them! The girls are on Spring Break this week, and Doug is on Spring Break this Friday through next Wednesday. I should be able to make the videos tomorrow, though, as the weather should be nice, so the girls can play in the back yard and avoid the stomping pitter patter of feet in the background of the videos.


I have made more progress on the jean/yarn skirt. I’m having fun with it!

So, as I said the girls are on break this week, and Doug is on break Friday through Wednesday. So Kyla’s room is on the schedule. I am working on prepping it this week, so Doug and I can finish it when he is on break. Here are some prep shots.


Here is the room from the doorway. As you can see, the door is no longer hanging in the doorway. I am planning on striping the paint off the door, sanding it down, and repainting it. I’m not going to bother striping the paint off anywhere else in the room, as eventually (like 5 or so years from now) we will be remodeling the entire second floor anyway.


 A few steps into the room, that is the little nook where we will be putting the bed. It is just big enough for a twin bed. The notch that has been taken out of the room (where the ladder is leaning) is over the stairs, so we can’t reclaim that space unless we want to have to crawl up the stairs.


Here it is from the corner across from the door, where the radiator is. I am thinking of putting a little closet where the ladder is.


I removed all the hardware from the door. Along with a lot of the paint. It really just peels right off, there are so many layers. I am going to have Doug bring it outside so I can strip off the rest of the paint and sand it down without making a huge mess in the house.


Like I said, lots of layers of paint.


I’m going to take the blades off the fan and wrap the rest of it in plastic to protect it from the renos. I am also going to have to remove the plaster/layers of paint in the area where we had the leak after Sandy. Then I will have to re~plaster that bit before I can prime the ceiling.

Kyla wants a pink princess room. The walls are wood paneling. So we are priming the whole room in white or off white, and then we are painting the panels in various shades of pink. She wants the ceiling to be white with pink polka dots.


And here is the little princess after the Daddy/Daughter Dance last week. Doug and the girls had a great time. Vada got her face painted as well, but she washed it off before I had a chance to snap a photo.


Here we have Super Kyla and her Super Dog.


One last cute kid photo for you. Yesterday I came into the living room to find the wolves signing to each other. Really, they were having a whole conversation in song. It was adorable.

That’s it for tonight, my friends. I have a busy few weeks ahead, and lots of patterns swimming around my mind waiting to be written down and shared with you.


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