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One year I made scarves for everyone on my Christmas list. Many of them still wear those scarves, and often tell me how much they love them. I love it so much when something I made is useful and enjoyed by the recipient! So, this week I have collected scarf patterns so you, too, can spread love and warmth!

Here are the names and links of each pattern, along with a little something that each designer has to say about them.

1) Winter’s Edge Scarf ~ Designed by Beatrice Ryan Designs
This soft, simple scarf is perfect to dress up your winter wardrobe!! You may wonder about the name… Winter’s Edge is the season when the air changes and your feel the cool edge setting in! I hope you enjoy making this project

2) Fun and Flirty Winter Scarf ~ Designed by Oombawka Designs
This scarf is fun to make, fun to wear and a great alternative to a ‘standard’ scarf. For a warmer scarf – try layering it with multiple colours!

3) Lacy Lattice Scarf ~ Designed by Danyel Pink Designs
The stitching on this scarf reminds me of a fancy garden trellis. The Lacy Lattice Scarf can be worked up in any length/width, and looks great in solid or variegated yarns.

4) Double Ruffle Spring Scarf ~ Designed by Posh Pooch Designs
I just designed the funnest, easiest, quickest, and super cool Spring Scarf.

5) My 2013 temperature scarf pattern ~ Designed by Underground Crafter
I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the stitch pattern I’m using for my crochet version [of a temperature scarf], so I thought I’d share it. I wanted the number of stitches (38) to match my age this year, so I combined elements of two different stitch patterns I liked in Margaret Hubert‘s The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

6) New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern ~ Designed by Cre8tion Crochet
…I love the Sashay ruffle scarfs and recently had an order for 12 of them from one of the stores I sell at. I used the method where you insert your hook every other stitch for 10-12 stitches and then pull the last stitch through all the rest, but after crocheting a few of them I realized that I really didn’t like the way they were coming out. So this is what I came up with.

7) Reversible Pinstripe Scarf (Cro-Hook) ~ designed by Kim Guzman
This fun reversible scarf is made using a cro-hook, also known as a double ended Tunisian hook.

8) Raised Stripes Scarf ~ Designed by Jessie At Home
This scarf gets its name from the front post stitches running down it. The scarf is created with several sets of a front post followed by a back post, all with regular hdc stitches in between. This makes the scarf fully reversible, looking the same on both sides!

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2 Comments on Wednesday Round Up 11/05/14 ~ Scarves

  1. My grandkids would all love the Raised Stripes Scarf. I better get busy! Thanks for sharing such great patterns!

    • There is a hat that goes with that one. Not to be an enabler. I would never do such a thing…

      The link for the hat is at the top of the scarf pattern. 😉

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