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Another week has gone by, and I haven’t touched the Kat coat. I want to, but I need to get ready for the craft fairs. The first is 2 weeks from Friday. Hopefully I will be able to slow down a bit soon.


Here we have lots ‘o labeled and priced soap bags…


and face cloths…

Bath-Mitts-For-Sale by Jessie-At-Home

and bath mitts. I will most likely combine a few into gift baskets as well.


I think my children count as works in progress. I just love Vada’s style! Isn’t she adorable?


This is one of the regulars at InsaniTea. I had to take a snap of her, as both she and her wrap were just stunning. I think I may be inspired to come up with a design based off this one day.


So I hard cooked 36 eggs the other day. I will share with you how I do that in the oven in the next few days.


3 dozen eggs, drying off. They were for Doug’s step Dad’s pickled eggs that I make for him every Easter. I will share that with you in the next few days as well. Maybe you can add it into your Easter next year!


Kyla brought this card home the other day.


Isn’t it adorable? Jake is just the sweetest little boy you have ever met. I really adore him, and so does Kyla.


The past few days have been all about labeling and pricing everything. Once I am done with all the items I already have made, I will start labeling and pricing items as I make them. So much easier.


Labels, price tags, and everything I need to get things ready!


I have started planing out my display downstairs. The first craft show is inside, but the rest will be outside under my easy up. I will plan those out in the garage when it is a bit warmer out there.


I love this old laundry drying rack I found at the curb a while back. It’s great for displaying my head bands!


I don’t have a lot of items that hang on hangers, so my racks get used in other, creative ways. Pins and hair clips work nicely on some wide ribbon!


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