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Um…I can’t find my camera. I think it is in the garage. There are no lights in there. It’s not connected to the house. It’s dark out.

Really, I would go look with a flashlight, but it’s not the picture of neatness in there, and I am sure to stumble over something.

Oh, and the dog ate my homework…

I went out earlier to take some snaps of the set up in there. I have been planning out my booth in the garage, and I wanted to show you.

Of course, all my pictures I wanted to share with you today are on the camera. So, well this little sneak peak of what I was working on earlier will have to do.


I have been having many creative moments with the piles of net yarn in my stash. I have a couple free patterns to share with you over the next week or two. I also have one or two patterns that will be for sale with the net yarn. I hope to have those out in a couple of weeks. I just want to have them tested first. They are relativity quick, one skein projects, so I should be able to have them tested quickly.

Well, it’s late and Doug is trying to talk to me, so I guess this will be a short one.


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