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Last week I ran across the Craft Hope. Jade is an amazing lady who finds various groups who need crafts made for good causes. You can read all about the current project, but the short version is: making quilts for homeless kids.


Remember how I told you I had bought some fabric on the way to Beth’s? I picked up a pack of 20 strips (2 1/2 x 42 inches) a pack of squares (5 inches square) and a few quarter yard (18 x 42 inches) pieces. I started at Beth’s, between teaching her and eating pizza. This is what I had when I got home.

091019 Craft-Hope-Child-Quilt-Start

I have been working on it an hour at a time while the girls nap. They nap for 2-3 hours, but I also eat my lunch, do dishes, and a bit of other cleaning. Here is what it looked like Monday afternoon.

091019 Craft-Hope-Quilt-Start

Today I finished the main piecing for the front, but I think I will add a boarder of larger squares from the quarter yard bits.


I looked through our sheets and found a  blue sheet that I don’t think we have ever used, it doesn’t even have a bottom sheet to match. That tells me it was meant to be the back of this quilt. I’m planning on having it in the mail by the end of next week. I don’t have the time to hand quilt it, but I will do a bit by machine.


Have a lovely evening! Stay warm.

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