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Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, emeralds…They are all lovely, but sometimes we want something different. So show off your creative skills and accessorize at the same time with these crochet gems.

Crochet Jewelry free pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) Wrap around crochet bracelet by Yuli Nilssen
This beaded bracelet wraps several times around your wrist and makes a lovely accessory.

2) Stretchy Bracelets by Kim Guzman
These fun bracelets are made using the elastics from the kid loom kits.

3) Crochet Flower Earrings by Olivia Munroe
“Here is the crochet and beading patterns for the ‘flower earrings’.
They’re very straight forward to make and I’ve posted both the written and drawn pattern.”

4) Crochet Braid Bracelet by Planet June
“Crochet up a speedy braided bracelet with this decorative cord technique that’s deceptively easy to crochet as it uses only single crochet stitches!”

5) Puff Stitch Necklace in 3 Lengths by Jessie Rayot
“This simple and elegant necklace works up quickly using chain sts, puff sts, and a few slip sts. It is reminiscent of a layered chain and bead necklace, but much lighter to wear. With 3 different lengths to choose from, you can pick the one that looks best on you!”

6) Dew Drop Necklace by Pia Thadani
“Tiny puff stitches form a chain of delicate “beads” with simple flower embellishments. Easily customizable, this necklace can be a special occasion showpiece, or an everyday wardrobe staple.”

7) Timeless Crochet Earrings by Tamara Kelly
“When I realized that this design would be debuting on the same day as the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, I knew that I had to do something special! So for inspiration I looked to the group of designs known as Mayan Crop Circles.”

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