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I am finally starting to feel healthy again. Just the last remaining bits of congestion, but other then that, I am feeling good. I am also finally getting out of my funk.

Now that I am feeling better, these past two days have been very productive. I got a good bit of cleaning done. I went through some piles of paper that needed to be dealt with; and I even organized the foot tall stack of paper that needs to be scanned into categories (phone, car, medical and so on) so I can start scanning them in an organized fashion!

I came up with a plan and put it in motion to get my recipes in order. Every week I make a menu, and enter the recipes in a great recipe organizer on the internet, where I can also put my menu on a calendar. I did do that for this week, and even printed out the recipes onto index cards and put tabs in my index card box to keep them organized. I figure if I do this every week, eventually all my recipes will be in order. On the website, I can rate the recipes, and put tags on them, so that will help with picking out menus in the future. I still want the printed out index cards, so I don’t have to take the laptop into my tiny kitchen. I’m very excited about this, because I have so many magazines laying about with recipes I want to try, and a many, many bookmarked web pages with recipes, also. Maybe I’m just silly that way, but it makes me happy to know eventually it will all be in order.

Of course there are some recipes that don’t need to be written. I made one for lunch this afternoon. First I toasted up some sesame seeds. Mmmm…it smelled so yummy!


Then I sliced up a cucumber and poured a bit of seasoned rice vinegar. I topped the lovely little slices off with the toasted sesame. It was so pretty! I even figured out that the flower setting on my camera is perfect for food, too. I’m thinking I need to try that for my next crochet tutorial. As pretty as it was, I still had to eat it. It was very yummy. Mmmmm.


Just before I got sick I got back into making Doug’s gambeson. I finished all the quilting. Then I got sick. So I am hoping to finish it in the next week or two. The picture is kind of washed out, but you can see the quilting really well.


So yesterday I could no longer ignore the pretty yarn that had been telling me it wanted to be hats! So I made the first of three ~ one for each girl, and one for me. The girls both tried it on. First Kyla modeled:


Then Vada modeled:


I think it is very cute! I made it big enough that it should still be good for next winter, also.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me, all around blogland. I have a lot of blogs I like that I need to catch up on. ^_^

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