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One of the first things people think of when they think of crochet is Granny Squares. Those little guys can be put together into nearly anything! Most commonly, they are put together in a grid to make a blanket to toss on the back of the couch. However, the humble granny square can be turned into so much more. Not just with how it is put together, but with how each square is made as well. I have found some blankets that have taken the granny square to new levels to share with you today.


Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) Crazy Patchwork Tutorial by Olivia Rainsford
back in Ye Olden Days when we had crochet in primary school, we used to patch together squares in different sizes (and, bless our innocence, different yarn types and weights) to make very ugly patchwork blankets that were received graciously by our kindly parents (and promptly hidden from view.) This is my grown-up version of these crazy patchwork blankets.

2) Circle Dance Blanket Crochet Along by Carolyn Christmas
The Circle Dance afghan design is a 46” x 60” (plus borders) rectangle composed of six sizes of circle-within-a-square blocks—2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”.

3) Demelza by Catherine Bligh
This blanket has been inspired by the character ‘Demelza’, from BBC’s Poldark (2015). I used Demelza’s colour palette and incorporated her love of flowers into each square.

4) Bluebird’s Granny CAL 2016 by Bluebird and Daisy
This is a real back to basics with a few twists a turns.

5) Whispers from the Past CAL 2016 by Crystals and Crochet
On this page you will find all the posts about the cal. Including the introduction listing all the details.

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