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I know, I have neglected my blog and my lovely readers over the past few weeks. I am sorry. First Doug was on break, and we spent the days working around the house (I did at least share a bit of that with you.) Doug still had to go to his second job, but it was nice to have him around during the school day.


Then there was a week with no one on break, and me working feverishly to get ready for craft fairs. I seem to have quite a few tea cup coasters and appliques. I think they will do well. It was a very productive week for me on that end, but I let all the photos pile up in my “blog” picture folder. Sometimes I get into making things and can see nothing else.


These little spring wraps were one of the patterns I came up with that week. I hope to have a written and video tutorial for you this week!


Then this past week the girls were on Spring break. We had a lot of fun. We played in the yard ~ OK, they played in the yard while I was in the garage making things ~ we took long walks, we went to the playground, we got some shopping done, we even had a Scooby Doo marathon on a rainy day.


I am amazed at all the fun creations I have to sell. Some of which are samples from my pattern writing, and some are creations made just for the fairs.


I bought some large, clear, plastic bins to pack everything up into.


I discovered that 3 clothing racks break down nicely into this never used trash bin.


I even unearthed some fun pictures to put in my “window” above my sewing table. Yes, this is in my unfinished basement, hence the ugly.


I haven’t gotten as much done on the adult version of Kat as I would like.

Happy Katrina

We did get to see Jenn, George and the girls last weekend. Look how big Katrina is!!

Angry Dot!

Dot has always had the greatest angry faces!!


On the first day of the girl’s spring break, I made them bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast.


As always, they were very happy with that breakfast!


Another night I decided to finally give these silly skewered hot dogs a shot. I don’t usually have hot dogs in the house, so this will not be a regular on our menu. It did take a while to skewer all the dogs. I cut up a few hot dogs, and then threaded 5 pieces of spaghetti through each one.


Then I just cooked them as I would for just the spaghetti.


When they were done I tossed them into a quickie sauce, and dinner was done. The girls were amused. Not the most gourmet dinner, but fun on occasion, and not too unhealthy.


And more fair prepping. All these random flowery bits needed to become pins.


Yea, I’m still not to sure about this. I think it is the obnoxiousness of the glitter in the netting that is driving me crazy.


Sometimes random things pile up in the oddest of places in my house.


I have a feeling this is going to be a WiP for a while. These old jeans will become something “new” one day.


Me and the net yarn. We are one. There was a good sale and I got a little out of hand…


Super Daddy!!!!


One of the play-in-the-yard days Kyla picked me flowers.


One night last week we were supposed to  be able to see the aurora borealis. I don’t know if it was the clouds, or if it was just not visible  but that is NOT the northern lights.


On Thursday Izabel came over to play. The girls had a great time in the playroom!


We had a pair of Rapunzels!


I know she is Rapunzel, not Snow White, but this was just too cute not to document!


I did get a little done on the Kat coat.

I hope to be more regular with my posting again now. The breaks are over, and the creations for the fairs are pretty much ready to go. The first one is a week from today, wish me luck!


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