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Purple! It’s such a pretty color. It can be royal, demure, vibrant, calm, so many things, just depending on the shade. I’m partial to true purple and lavender. What are your favorite shades of purple? To celebrate this lovely color, I’ve collected some equally lovely free crochet patterns in shades of purple from around the net. Enjoy!!


Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) Purple Baby Hat by Carrie Carpenter
Such an adorable little hat!

2) Stanley the Purple Dinosaur by Trudy Lindsley
“Hi all! I hope you have fun with Stan…he’s my second Ravelry creation. He’s 15 1/2 inches long from nose to tail and is 6 inches tall.”

3) Purple Daisy by Mona Modica
“This little gem was fun to make. Use your imagination and create a flower to match your decor.”

4) Purple Pineapple Shawl by Ngo Quynh
This is just so lacey and lovely!

5) Lattice Hat by Sarah Arnold
I love the stitch in this hat!

6) Jersey Gloves by Kim Guzman
These two toned gloves are fun and functional!

7) Fortune’s Shawlette by Tamara Kelly
“Fortune’s Shawlette was inspired by the ubiquitous corner to corner stitch, aka the diagonal box stitch. But of course I had to add my own twist to the idea, creating a lacier, more open, summer ready stitch pattern.”



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Simple Comfort Crochet Antistrophe by Miriam Felton Broomstick Lace Wrap #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy

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