Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Bump! Thump! What was that? Should you get up, or hide under the covers? Well, if it’s one of these cute little creations, I think you’ll be just fine. I’v found some of the most adorable crochet patterns for things that go bump in the night, and put them together in one round up just for you!


Here are the names and links of each pattern.


1) Crochet Spider Pattern by Kara Gunza
These adorable crochet spiders work up in no time at all and add such a cute touch to your Halloween decor!

2) The Little Red Devil by Serah Basnet
The pattern for this 7 inch amigurumi includes instructions and step-by-step pictures on how to embroider amigurumi hair. Also included is the pattern for a pumpkin.

3) Baby Ghost Ornaments for Halloween by Josephine Wu
“BOO!!! Did I scare ya? Tell me, did I scare the bejeezus outta ya, did I?! …Awww, oh poop. Mama was right: little ghosts like me never scare people.”

4) Itty Bitty Bat Amigurumi by Lucy Collin
This tiny little bat, depending on the yarn you use, will end up about 2” tall, with a wingspan of about 5”. The feet are actually small loops, so your bat can hang upside down from a small stick or length of yarn or cord.

5) Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat by The Enchanted Ladybug
This sweet Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat will be a wonderful decoration for fall!

6) Witch Leg Yarn Bomb by Rayna Noel
Be careful where you park your house.

7) Raven by i crochet things
A 7″ tall amigurumi of a raven.

8) Voodoo dolls by Vanja Grundmann
Not just plain and simple voodoo dolls! These are very special! They are lovable, huggable, kissable, simple irresistible voodoo dolls that will melt your heart on first sight.

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2 Comments on Things that go bump in the night! – free crochet patterns!

  1. Would have loved to make the devil, hiwever couldn’t save the download as read only. Perhaps when I have more time, I can make it while connected to internet

    Going to make crow now. Thx, Lynne

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